"I have always believed in coaching... In fact, I launched  a coaching company, Total Talent Solutions, in the early 2000's--so my standards are very high. When Ari and I started working together, I was reluctant and resistant. Yet I found her ways to be unusually effective. She got right to the heart of my issues and had very imaginative ways of working. Her work with energy clearing and futuring is transformational; it is comprehensive, swift and superb. I believe Ari has changed my life and work in a profound way; I highly recommend engaging with her."

— Sunny Bates, author, serial entrepreneur, mentor/curator of ideas, talent and disruption Sunny Bates Associates/Red Thread

"You did a great job and [the CEO] was the best he has ever been on that tape; after several years of on-camera work, he went from a D to a B+ during the morning session with you. With your guidance and support, I know he will continue to make great progress."

— SVP, Sales & Marketing, Fortune 500 (Global) company

"I have worked with Ari for nearly a decade, and what she brings to me is clarity — at times when I was searching for answers, and trying to sort through heartbreak and sorrow, she helped me see the light.  I began to understand how to look for the truth, and cut through misperceptions and runaway emotions … in both my personal and business life. At times, it was as if  light bulb went off, and I thank her for those “aha” moments."

— Jane Hanson, Broadcast News and Media Coaching superstar

"I just gave my presentation....Out of twenty, eight people came up to me to share a moment and to thank me--one just told me he was blessed for having met me. I was just sitting on the plane giving thanks for this day, and for having the chance to speak with you last week."

— SVP, Fortune 100 Financial Services company

"I honestly feel I've gotten my life out of our conversations."

— Martin Kettlehut, PhD., Co-founder/Head Coach, The Center for Excellence (clients include UBS, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley)

"That was an incredible gift you gave me yesterday. I want you to know that everything has absolutely broken free....This thing that has had me stuck for months got handled in 24 hours."

— Delilah Blake, coach to Fortune 500 companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Intel, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, et al.

"You have blessed me with one of the greatest gifts one can ask for: to find peace at heart--I can't believe how rather quickly I got detached from all that heavy luggage, almost like overnight." -

— Carolina Naess, internationally-based healer, founder of New Beginning Nepal (NFP devoted to women's and children's empowerment), presenter of Yoga and Peacebuilding workshop to UK Parliament

"Ariane knows how to literally get to the deepest part of who you really are. She’s a true healer, an INCREDIBLY profound listener, and an unwavering stand never, for one moment allowing you to cut corners to your greatness. With your partnership Ariane is committed to manifesting your goals into reality. I feel so honored to have worked with her for so many years and have her in my court."

 — Natane BoudreauActress/Director/Philanthropist

"I’ve had and continue to have an excellent experience with Ariane Brandt at the Brandt Principle. Ari provides thorough, knowledgeable and comprehensive support, including great email and phone follow up. Ari coached me on a recent career transition, which included initial search, negotiating severance, and negotiating salary and benefits at the new job; it also included coaching on my new role and its associated responsibilities. At every stage, Ari added clarity which helped with my overall confidence and efficiency. I would highly recommend Ari’s coaching for career development, as well as other important life and career challenges."

— Andrew Esterman, President, Esterman Consulting

"Ari has great listening and empathy skills and works collaboratively to understand your personal needs and skills before making suggestions how to move forward. Following a recent layoff I worked with Ari to help me put a plan together for finding new employment. She worked closely with me to identify my strengths and to help me match my skills with my future job aspirations. Her personal touch and compassionate style coupled with her extensive experience helped me put a plan together as to how to move forward. Her critiques on my resume were insightful and constructive. Working with Ari has been a pleasure and a positive experience. I would highly recommend her."

— Patrick, VP, Director, Financial Services Software

"Ari's principled guidance allowed me insights into corporate life which I, as a long-time entrepreneur, could not parse all by myself. Unlike many, I needed to activate my left brain to become more proficient in a corporate environment. Ari was an advocate for a blending of an intuitive and data-centered approach, which allowed me to adapt to a new role at work. Her patient and insightful guidance led me to discoveries of life basics that impacted my work performance."

— Leni Schwendinger, Associate Principal, ARUP

"Ariane is a miracle worker plus super lovely to work with! She helped me enormously. Working with her was both fascinating and joyful. We worked on a chronic health problem, and I'm still kind of amazed to say that after two sessions my symptoms began to disappear.  As a visual artist and writer I felt like she was immediately someone I could trust and connect with on a deep level. Since working with her 4 months ago my symptoms are 90% better and I am so grateful. I feel like she opened an invisible door for me.  The sessions with Ariane were profoundly interesting. She is highly professional, warm, intuitive, generous, and skilled at what she does. She is very resourceful and willing to go to great lengths to explain things. I will definitely call on her again if in need. Thank you! Thank you!”

—Amanda Marchand, photographer and writer 

"One of my biggest challenges when I met Ari was in negotiating, in salary as well as boundaries in the workplace.  On the former, the work can be done on the front end and then maintained through a regular schedule.  The more difficult work was, and still is, in negotiating and maintaining healthy boundaries with my colleagues as well as my team.  Ari clarifies the essence of the need and empowers me with the strength to focus.  She centers me on why each boundary is important and how to best communicate that need outward to upper management as well as downward to my own team. Ari is the bright bulb every dark path needs.  The challenge for a creative person is focus and filtered insight is Ari's greatest gift."

— C. Giegerich, Digital Strategist
Los Angeles, CA

"Ari has worked with me for over 8 years. During this time, as a result of Ari's coaching, I met my life partner, moved to a new city, revamped my business and started others that better reflect my values, and in general, take better care of myself. Ari brings wisdom and intuition gleaned from her own self-exploration and a wonderful ability to listen. She captures the essence of what matters to me while providing the insight to help frame my options so I make the decisions that best support me. Ari finds the bigger truths and motivates me through inspiration."

— Steve Weinberg, Marketing Executive/Owner
National Foundry Products, Inc.

"As one who has investigated myriad methods of self-improvement, spiritual growth and awareness, I thought I'd arrived at my destination with the creation of my life-long dream. Little did I know I was at the start of a challenging new journey! Providence intervened in the guise of Ariane Brandt, whose uncanny insights, intelligence, and sheer common sense provided me with the skills and confidence necessary to forge ahead. My dream of a 21st century salon is manifest. I believe Ariane is the embodiment of all I sought in a coach. For the more earthbound, she is a dynamic, clear-sighted force who can set a concrete business plan in motion and make it work."

— Nancy Manocherian, Founder
the cell, New York City

"The key thing I learned from working with Ari Brandt was the importance of building into my schedule time to reflect and strategize. This has helped me to work more proactively in the whirlwind that is my office. Ari also helped me to negotiate some tricky supervision challenges, and I think I’m a better manager for it. Further, I appreciated tremendously that Ari took time to point out and articulate what I was already doing well. It was good to know I had strengths I hadn’t even noticed. This gave me confidence to express and act on my point of view even more than I had done before. And her “cheerleading” simply gave me an emotional boost! Finally, Ari’s conviction that work can be a manifestation of one’s beliefs and values as well as the passion, energy and creativity she brings to her own work moved and inspired me to bring even more of myself to all that I do."

— Scott Loane, Student Services Director
Department of Drama,
Tisch School of the Arts, NYU

"Ari was amazing to work with around concerns that I was experiencing at work. Not only did she walk me through sorting out a challenging issue with an employee, but she also empowered me to recapture an effective work/life balance (some days I was able to regain as many as 4 hours for my personal life, which was unheard of before). Ari helped me to stay true to my personal commitments and goals while keeping everything running just as effectively in the office. I couldn't have asked for a better coach!"

— B. Fiorito, Hotel Revenue Manager
Long Island, NY

“I have great respect and admiration for Ari Brandt. My high recommendation of her services comes from her work with my client Rudy Rush, who at the time was the host of “It’s Showtime at the Apollo.” The strain on Rudy’s voice was tremendous. Rudy was required to tape 12 one-hour shows over four days. Rudy needed to maintain his voice, introduce the acts and entertain an audience of near 1500. I hired Ari for her expertise in voice coaching and got so much more. She helped my client Rudy Rush not only with his diction, but also helped him find his own voice and pacing when announcing acts. Once Rudy had a firm foundation, Ari was able to help Rudy build on his strengths and break down the scripts and handle the large amounts of text he had to memorize and the script on the teleprompter. Rudy was able to use Ari’s skills in every aspect of his professional career. As a stand up comedian, Rudy was able to deliver his sets more efficiently. As the host of a television show he was able to maintain control of a 1500 -plus audience in attendance and infuse excitement into each introduction and each portion of the program. Lastly, he was able to shake some of the regional aspects of his speech which allowed this Harlem-born comedian to be effective as the morning radio show host in Dallas, Texas. Ari is truly a gifted and dedicated professional. I will always highly recommend her to anyone in the industry and when the opportunity arises, I hope to use her again.”

— Keith Sage-EL, Manager, Inner City Artist Management

“I had the pleasure of working with Ariane on a documentary television show called FAKING IT for TLC [The Learning Channel]. We were taking Brian Casey, a ‘slacker pizza dude from Seattle’ and training him to fake it as a world class chef in NYC. Ari was hired to help our faker at first as just an acting coach, but through the process she definitely brought a ton of her healing and life coaching skills to the table as well. Ari is smart, patient, playful and ready for most any curve ball I threw at her. She was a pleasure to work with, and I know that Brian could not have made it without her. And yes, that’s right, with the help of Ari, Brian did fake it, and better than that: upon returning to Seattle, he enrolled himself in the Seattle School of Culinary Arts. Thanks Ari!”

— Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Director/Producer

“Thank you so much for all your work which has enabled these young actors to give of their best.  Diction was on of my greatest fears earlier on, but your work eliminated the problem.  In particular Anisha and Ayesha have really begun to discover their voices which is very exciting.  I do hope you’ll continue your association with the show.  Love and best wishes—"

— Steven Pimlott, Director 
Bombay Dreams (Broadway

“Acting requires one to go to vulnerable places, places many of us fear to go.  Ari understands this and understands the need to break down barriers that block our creative and emotional flow. She provides a safe haven for exploration.  A place where I am able locate my emotions and know when I leave I will be able to tap into the same emotions in front of an audience.  With Ari’s guidance I have become more educated in my scene and script analysis.  I never feel stuck, because Ari has taught me an array of techniques, each one lending itself to a different purpose.  Ari makes me feel free and unlimited in my acting ability.  She has helped me find the tools within myself, and become confident as an actress.  I started working with Ari when I was 15.  Now I can say that she has not only been instrumental in my growth as an actress, but also as a person.  Ari has truly become a friend.  Someone I talk to about more than acting, someone I trust.  The past five years have solidified for me that I want the arts to be my life long profession.  I know that Ari will continue to be part of this journey.”      

— Laura Breckenridge, actress

“I have worked with Ari for three years and anticipate doing so for the rest of my career.  I came to her as a beginning actor, new to New York but very excited to get to work.  Ari immediately embraced my passion while providing me with the necessary honesty, wide-ranging knowledge and incredible support I needed to grow as an actor.  With each new step, each new challenge, Ari has been there for me with the perfect nugget, whether it was helping me find a character, analyze a script or simply understand that I already had it and I just needed to trust myself.  I look back and realize I how much I learned from Ari and how much I use it everyday.  While I continue to work with her, the wonderful thing is that I need her less and less.  And that is truly a testament to her unwavering commitment, immense skill as a teacher and energy as a person."                                        

— Brian Letscher, Guest Star: NYPD BLUE, LAW & ORDER, SCANDAL        

“I think what I find unique about your coaching is that you create such a positive, encouraging space where one can feel safe to explore things one wouldn’t feel comfortable otherwise, but at the same time, you don’t let anyone off easy! This is a unique combination—challenging the student to take deep risks, but giving them the nurturing environment where they feel able, and even look forward to doing so.”

— Emily Dorsch, actress, Yale School of Drama 2007               

“You are totally honest and don’t let anyone slide but there is great kindness and thorough explanation with your feedback.  Everyone comes away feeling like they really understand what is working and not working in their delivery. You are holistic in your approach, so the actor’s entire life is examined and brought into the role they are playing.  I have seen you actually heal people’s lives with your coaching and yet they can still bring the angst needed to the character.  You brilliantly show us how to both connect to and separate from the character. You also bring out the hidden gem in people...In each class, we are all wonderfully surprised by some piece of brilliance about ourselves or the character we are playing.”

— Diane Ragsdale, performer, Fortune 500 coach, sketch comedy writer 

“Your class feels extremely safe—not in a cloistered way, but in a way that is free of negativity, that ensures adventure and exhilaration.  There is a harmony in your approach to the work that truly seems in service of humanity and is unlike any approach I’ve experienced in an acting class or otherwise.  Focusing on character has brought me back to my initial inspiration to make theatre, and for one of the first times in my life, I feel like I’ve found a home.  Your intelligence, your life’s focus, your championing and acceptance, and your ability to empower are inspiring!"

 — Jenny Deller, actress & writer

“One of the unique things about Ari’s coaching is that she comes from such an incredibly well-rounded background herself; when one creates a character with her help, all the bases are covered.  She attacks the intellectual, visceral, and spiritual.  Also, the coaching with Ari doesn’t end in the class or in her privates.  Ari is so committed to helping the actor pursue the role that she often gives thought, information, and help after the session.  This keeps the actor consciously and unconsciously continually working and learning about the part.”

— Chris Kerson, actor

“I was not satisfied with the level of acting that I was on.  A friend recommended Ariane Brandt and a year and a half later I’m still studying with Ariane.  I have no need to go elsewhere.  Her 6 step method for role preparation is amazing.  If forces you to become deeply married to your character!  Ari definitely helped me to get to the next level in my acting I was looking for.  I tell everyone about her!”

— Ayanna Siverls, actress





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