Coaching Programs are available for both individual and corporate clients


Your life is a work of art
Personal/Professional Integration focuses on setting and reaching goals in the area(s) of your life most important to you—career, family, relationships, financial stability, spiritual well-being, health and more. No matter what your goals, your life is treated as an artistic endeavor; coaching is used to guide you through your creative process. It’s an exciting, challenging and transformative way to get the results you want.

Over the years, many of the people attracted to the Brandt Principle have been artists. But among those who are not, many find themselves mid-life or mid-career longing to have been a painter, rock star, film actress, etc.—or at least have pursued some form of creative expression that would allow them to feel completely fulfilled. Others have a wildly successful careers, but feel they have come at the price of fulfilling primary and family relationships. How would you like to design your own experience of life? If we can find the leverage to make any change possible, what would you be learning to do better, or doing differently? It’s all about choice, possibility—and freedom.

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